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Our Story

Saabi & Stephen are a modern day love story, they both swiped right. On October 16th, 2018 they had their first date followed by not texting each other for a few days. After their second date when Stephen cooked Saabi dinner sparks began to fly and in a few short months they were inseparable.
Stephen knew Saabi was the one after he came down with a cold, he told her he was sick, she invited him over where she made him chicken noodle soup and tea. Her nurturing nature made him fall in love with her.  A month later, Stephen visited NYC with Saabi for New Years where he asked her mother for Saabi’s hand in marriage.
On March 27th 2019 their lives would change forever. Saabi walked into their apartment where Stephen was standing at the end of a red roses and candle light aisle waiting to pop the question. Before even letting him get a word out Saabi dropped her things and ran over to him saying, “yes, yes, yes”.

The Venue: Wilder Room

This beautiful space, named after former Rochester Mayor, A. Carter Wilder, was a twentieth century hot spot for the affluent members of the city’s society. Once the residence of Mayor A. Carter Wilder, East End’s Rochester Club was established in 1860. The exclusive club was membership based and known for its glamorous private events. In 1911 the Club was renovated to include a grand ballroom lit by 4 crystal chandeliers, which today still stand. With light renovations and a name change, honoring one of Rochester Club’s own, we have modernized a piece of the city’s history and hope to bring it back to life!



Bridal Party






Saabi and I meet during my first year/her final year at RIT. We became friends after a spur of the moment road trip to NYC for the holidays where I meet her wonderful family and gained a best friend! The moments followed have been full of many travels together from Boston to Europe, rooming together in our first “adult” apartment, and lots of laughs over many, many glasses of wine. I cannot wait to be with Saabi on this next adventure and to watch her and Stephens story continue.


Melissa Burmester

Saabi and I met in my first year at RIT. We met in the lobby of the dorm that I was staying in. She was full of energy and was excited to meet everyone. Afterwards, we became friends through me going to her events and hanging out with her even after the events were over. She is full of great knowledge, advice, and love that I do not know what I would do without having her in my life. We had many great exciting adventures together and I can’t wait to be with her on her and Stephen’s wedding day.



Saabi, became part of my family when her sister Saadiya and I grew our friendship and love. It’s was such a quick amazing vibe. We have shared moments that are tagged in our hearts, from dancing by the Pool, testing wine, hours flying in a plane and her being my private translator! She is an entrepreneur of life, she always knew, her princess fairytale was going to become true. People that believe are matched by the universe. With tears in my eyes, I see the love that one day! She wished for. ✨





Seamus Clapp

I’ve had the pleasure of being Steve’s friend for almost 30 years now. After meeting on the 1st day of second grade we became fast friends. We spent years bonding over music, concerts, skateboarding and a healthy lack of respect for authority. The decades to follow were spent causing as much trouble as possible while staying just on the right side of the law. Like a fine Italian wine Steve has mellowed with age.  I am very much looking forward to seeing Saabirah and Steve take their next steps on their journey together.


I have known Steve for about 2 years. We became good friends quickly because he has a great personality and I am very likable. Then he introduced me to Saabi and I realized that now he has it all. What everyone is searching for, true love and someone to spend the rest of his life with.


Frank Krutz

I was introduced to Stephen by my lovely daughter Saabirah. Her glowing countenance is a testimony to his character – that he treats her well and makes her happy. I have not had the pleasure of knowing Stephen for very long as a friend, but I look forward to many years of knowing him as a son in law. I am honored to be a part of this very special day.

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Please RSVP by March 15th, 2021


Your presence on our special day is the greatest present of all! However, if you do wish to celebrate with a gift, a monetary contribution to our life together would be warmly appreciated.

Will there be a shuttle to and/or from the hotel?

If you book your stay at the Hilton Garden Inn located at 155 E Main St, Rochester, NY 14604 through our room block, there will be a shuttle to and from the venue.

Click here for Room Block Info

Is there parking available near the ceremony and reception venues?

The Wilder Room has multiple parking options.

1. Surrounding side streets – free on weeknights after 6:00 PM and free on

Saturdays and Sundays.

2. East End Garage – The East End garage is located directly next to The Wilder Room. There are two entrances to this garage (Swan Street and Scio Street) that are close to the venue. This is a paid garage with a rate of $2/hr. and a maximum charge of $8.00.

Will the ceremony and reception be taking place indoors or outdoors?

Indoors and it is handicap accessible.


What type of food will be served?

We are having a family-style dinner, all of the food is halal including vegetarian and vegan options. Notify us of any food allergies at


What time is the reception scheduled to end?

When the clock strikes midnight.

Can I bring a plus one?

No, our wish is to keep this a small ceremony and reception.

Can I bring my children?

With respect, we would like this to be an invite and an adult-only celebration.

What is the dress code for your wedding?


Are there any colors you would prefer me not to wear?